The Van Build Workshop

Do you wish to live a life of adventures liberty travel discoveries ?

This is all possible if you choose the Van Life 🚐


Building a Van is not SIMPLE πŸ˜•

Which van to choose ?

There are so many manufacturers and even more models. This first step is crucial, and finding the best van that fits your needs and budget can be a real headache.

What do you need inside ?

Your van will become your home on wheels. You need to make sure you carefully thought about all you really need inside it to live properly. And trust us, you'll always forget something!

How to actually build it ?

This is the most daunting task. Will you go the DIY way or hire a van conversion specialist ? Whatever you choose there are a lot of parameters to take into account : isolation, plumbing, electrical system, interior design...

The solution ?

Trust us! We did it πŸ™Œ

Hey there πŸ‘‹

We are Snow & Curt

Why did we leave our comfortable, routine, and normal life back in Florida behind? To fulfill our dream of traveling the world! We are on a 10 to 12-year journey literally around the world in our self-converted Sprinter Van, also known as our Tiny House on Wheels!

It took us over a year of blood, sweat, and tears… tons of research and then the build itself to get the perfect van for our journey. We thought about everything needed to truly call this van a home, and we went the extra mile with some very unique features.

πŸ“ Right now, we are well over one year into our journey, and currently in Mexico. The COVID epidemic slowed us down a bit, but we recently hit the road again touring Southern Mexico, and we look forward to the travel scene settling down a bit so that we can continue our journey south into Central America and beyond.

We document our new life

on our successful YouTube Channel

From interesting travel VLOGs to more information-based videos about living in a van, we are really thrilled by the returns we have from our videos.

We put all our heart to produce the best content we can, and the result is here : our community is very active and supportive, this encourage us to continue this way.

The Van Build Workshop idea actually came from subscribers who wanted to build the same van as ours!





The Cargo Sprinter Van

Why is this model perfect for Van Life ?

The van is a 2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 High Top, 170β€³ Wheel Base, Extended Length, 4 X 4 Dually with a 3.6L Diesel engine. The payload is 4459 pounds and we added beefed-up suspension to get us anywhere we want to go.

Considering we plan for this to be our home for years, size was an important factor, we wanted something to maximize inside buildable space and still be able to maneuver and park in cities and the most remote and hard to get to places.

The proven Mercedes diesel engine was an easy choice especially given 4 X 4 drive train to help us from getting stuck and then the rear dual wheels for extra stabilization and most importantly carrying capacity or payload.

What makes our van unique ?

You want these features πŸ‘Œ

The most advanced van shower system 🚿

The Recirculating Shower

Based on our full-time travel van lifestyle, a fully functional hot shower with plenty of space is essential. And with weight always a consideration in a Van Build, at 8.5 pounds per gallon, minimizing water storage can be a game-changer.

Curt designed an amazing recirculating shower that recirculates the 10 gallons of used shower water through an extensive series of filters including UV light to scrub the water making long continuous hot showers a luxurious but normal experience in our new van lifestyle.

Tilting solar panels & tons of space

The Attic

The Attic not only looks super cool, but is one of the key systems in this van the make this an Off-Grid, comfortable, and fully functional International Tiny Home on Wheels. The attic raises the solar roof just enough so that both Maxxair fans are fully operational even though the roof is fully covered with Solar Panels.

The roof includes 1080 Watts of tiltable solar panels. The tilt is remote and can more than double our solar intake feeding our batteries to power a fully electric van with no propane and still enough juice for electric cooking and Air Conditioning!

The attic also provides excellent light storage for light seasonal clothes, spare parts, tools, and a few toys.

Maximized Interior Storage

In this build every nook and cranny was optimized for maximum storage. It is important for us to be able to safely store all of our belongings including not only the day to day essentials such as clothes water and food, but also our work necessities, our seasonal clothes, tools, spare parts and most importantly our toys, including two full sized folding electrical bikes that tuck into the garage under the bed.

Many small strategically located storage spaces allow for optimal organization and easy access. There is nothing more frustrating than having to move a bunch of stuff just to get what you need. We call this the fiddle factor and this van is no doubt complex, but still has a simplistic and streamline low fiddle factor.

Pass-Through Bathroom

This unique and one-of-a-kind design is the key to optimizing the fully functional living space without making the van feel cramped.

This multifunctional space, allows for one of the largest shower spaces in van life while still accommodating a composting toilet, a seating area with a pull-out table, lots of storage, and a nook for a June Smart Oven.

And so...

How much it cost us to build that van ?

We bought this Mercedes Sprinter Van brand new for $55,000.

Then the overall build cost was another $55,000.

So in total, our dream van cost us $110,000. A non-negligible sum, but it’s truly a home-on-wheels which has ALL the necessary we need to travel around the world comfortably and safely.

Check out our 5-episodes series if you want to get more details.

Introducing The Van Build Workshop

Get all the ressources you need to

Build the exact same Van ! πŸ“˜

(or modify it to suit your needs with our easy to use suite of tools!)


Floor Plans of our Sprinter Van

  • Detailed measurements of EVERYTHING included in our vanΒ 

  • Includes Floor view, Side Elevation views, Back Elevation view, Bathroom Elevation view

  • Available both in Inches and Metrics version


System Details

  • Electrical System

  • Fresh Water System

  • Recirculating Shower System

  • Air Conditioning System

  • Attic System


Budgeting/Cost Excel Sheets

  • Our detailed actual cost break down

  • Estimate the cost of building this same van or modified version with our budgeting tool

  • Over/Under Budget Calculator to help maximize your priority list while still keeping in budget


Van Build Guides

  • Sourcing Guide to help you find all the components and supplies in the build

  • Step by Step Reference Guide to help you find YouTube videos on each step of the building process

  • Blank Van Design Templates

How to use these plans ?

The DIY Way πŸ’ͺ

Believe it or not, much more time was spent designing, planning, and sourcing this project than actually converting this van build into a proper tiny house.

So now that the heavy lifting is down, if you already have the skills or if you feel like you want to learn while doing, these plans will take your build to the next level.Β  And for the investment you want it to be right!

Bring them to a Van Builder πŸ› οΈ

If you don't want have the time, the skill, the patience or the desire to DIY, no worries. You can totally bring these plans to a "van builder".

While the license agreement is for a one time use with purchase, your builder will be delighted to have such highly detailed plans.

Also, with cost information in hand, the sourcing guide and budgeting tools provided, you will be able to negotiate the best fair price for your dream van.

Get the Ultimate Sprinter Van Conversion Plans

For less than 1% of its build cost
while saving you days of research πŸ‘Œ

"Basic Plans" Package
$129(that's 1% of the build cost!)




  • Approximate build cost : $5,000 - $10,000

"Complete Plans" Package
$379(that's 0.5% of the build cost!)





  • Approximate build cost : $30,000 - $65,000

A La Carte
$79per system

Only buy what you need !

  • Plumbing System Plans

  • Electrical System Plans

  • Attic System Plans

  • Each System contains its corresponding Budget/Cost Excel Sheet and Van Build Guide

Immediately upon completion of your credit card purchase, you will receive access to all purchased documents via digital download.
This will include our copyrighted plans and other proprietary information. No Refunds will be available, we appreciate your understanding.

You won't be alone!

Get invited to our Private Facebook Group πŸ’¬

When you get the "Complete Plans" you'll be able to access our private FB group where a lot is happening between the members to help each other.

Whatever your question is regarding building your van, if you get stuck somewhere, the community will be here to help you out. It's also a great place to get to known other fellows vanlifers and make some new friends!

Of course Curt will be present in the group, but on top of that, Curt will provide revisions and additional content for frequently sked questions, as needed.

Cheers and see you on the road ! πŸ›£οΈ